Banan Cake


12 outstanding lemon juice
12 tbsp oil
Salt pinch
6 Large hanging stand
2 eggs
1 red yeast
1 I am
9 Senior high-ranking workers

For decoration:

2 bananas cut into circles


Large cup lemon juice 1/4 liter
3 Senior Senators
2 Major Mazina hangers

How to prepare:

Mix the first elements of the dough in the electric mixer well. Add the flour + muffin with the scrambling
Add the mixture with butter and flour. Mix the mixture and place in the oven
When the cake is cooked we let it cool and prepare your cream
We put the ingredients in a saucepan over low heat with stirring until it is held
Place the cake in the serving dish and put on it the cloves
Put it in the refrigerator
Eat cold