I love salmon patties.  I always have.  My MawMaw Light knew how much I loved them, and each time I’d go visit her as a girl – she’d always have a tinfoil pie plate sitting in her toaster oven waiting for me – filled to the brim with her homemade salmon patties, fried okra, & fried squash.  The first thing I’d do when I got to her house was hug on her & my PawPaw Buddy, and then go straight to the kitchen to pull my waiting plate out to feast upon.  In fact, I can’t remember a single time that I came to visit that I didn’t have a plate of her salmon patties, okra, & squash waiting for me.  Oh, what a memory.  A delicious memory at that!
MawMaw doesn’t do as much cooking anymore, but I will always have fond memories of those little tinfoil pie plates filled with some of my favorite foods waiting just for me. She gave me her recipe many years ago after I got married, and it’s the only way I make my salmon patties to this day.
I always keep salmon stocked in my pantry for this purpose.  Having a can of salmon around makes getting a flavorful home-cooked meal on the table a breeze. Its homemade made easy!