First-Class Train From Scotland to London, England, for $257

Avanti West Coast is a UK-based train operator that runs services on the west coast between Scotland, North Wales, and several English cities including London.

avanti west coast train

The exterior of the Avanti West Coast train I traveled on.

Mikhaila Friel/Insider

Ticket types include first class, standard premium, and standard class.

Around six weeks before my departure, I bought a $257, or around £209, one-way ticket from Glasgow Central Station to London Euston Station. It marked my first time purchasing a first-class ticket. In comparison, standard tickets start at around $40, or £32.80, depending on the timing.

train tickets

A screenshot of my train ticket.

Avanti West Coast

Insider paid for the trip, as per our reporting standards.

The journey was due to take four hours and 37 minutes, but ended up being delayed by around 40 minutes. I was still happy as even with the delay it took less time than driving, which takes almost 7 hours.

glasgow to london google map

A map showing the time it would take to drive from Glasgow, Scotland to London, England.

Google Maps.

My journey began at Glasgow Central Station on the morning of June 1. I arrived more than an hour before my scheduled departure time so that I would be able to enjoy the station’s first-class lounge.

glasgow central station

The interior of Glasgow Central Station.

Mikhaila Friel/Insider

The first-class lounge was located near the information desk. The door was locked, and I was buzzed in by a staff member who didn’t ask to see my ticket.

The entrance to the first-class lounge at Glasgow Central Station

The entrance to the first-class lounge at Glasgow Central Station.

Mikhaila Friel/Insider

Once inside, I noticed several other customers who entered after me also weren’t asked to show their tickets. It was surprising to me that anybody could walk in.

first class lounge glasgow central station

The first-class lounge at Glasgow Central Station.

Mikhaila Friel/Insider

A representative for Avanti West Coast declined to comment on the record when contacted by Insider regarding access to the first-class lounge.

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