Hertz Saves The Day In Spain

Here’s a rare kind look at Hertz from a travel blogger. I don’t often rent from that company, but had an excellent rental experience during my trip to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

Great Experience With Hertz In Las Palmas, Spain (Canary Islands)

Ahead of our week-long trip to the Canary Islands, I searched for a car rental from Gran Canaria Airport (LPA). Hertz was cheapest, but that alone was not a device, because we would not be arriving until 12:15AM and if it was closed, it would do me no good.

I sent an email to their office and received no response. I then called and spoke to someone there. He told me there would be a 50EUR surcharge for someone to wait for my flight to land, since it was two hours past closing time. No problem…we were staying on the other side of the island so I was quite happy to pay that small premium to ensure someone would be waiting for us.

As I wrote about earlier, our flight into LPA was delayed by an hour and we did not show up to the car rental desk until 1:30AM. But sure enough, there was a gentleman waiting for me. Although the website indicated that only cars with manual transmission were available. I gently requested an autonomic car, joking that Americans can’t drive manuals. Truthfully, I was kind of looking forward to learning how to drive manual, but I am so grateful he had an automatic car for me. The roads are switchback style to the other side of the island and often single lane…having a novice in a manual car would have been a disaster.

After scanning my driver’s license and swiping my credit card, he led us right downstairs to the car park. We needed two car seats and the had them. 10 minutes later, we were on our way roaring down the highway listening to Nena’s 99 Luftballons. It was so easy.


Hertz does not have a great reputation and justifiably so, but I had a smooth and painless experience with Hertz in Las Palmas including a staff member waiting 3.5 hours for me to arrive and then having an automatic car for me.

Thankfully, it has been several months and no police officers have shown up to my door to collect a “stolen” car.

How has Hertz treated you?

This is part of my summer in Germany trip report.

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