Weeks after declaring an oligarch’s yacht was seized in Fiji, the US still doesn’t have it

Two days after the Department of Justice announced it assisted Fijian police in seizing a $300 million yacht allegedly owned by a sanctioned Russian oligarch, those same police ordered American authorities to leave the ship, according to court documents. US efforts to seize and sell the 348-foot Amadea, a helipad-topped vessel purportedly owned by gold … Read more

Families trying to get away for half term face massive queues, broken conveyer belts and delays

Britons’ half-term getaways have been blighted by chaos at UK airports, with carrier easyJet cancelling more than 200 flights over the next 10 days. Passengers have blasted the service at Manchester Airport as ‘carnage’ while a traveller at Gatwick Airport described a five-hour delay before boarding an Easyjet flight – only for it then to … Read more

Pakistan News Live updates: Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif calls himself “majnoo”

Pakistan Live News Updates: Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif testified in a special court hearing in the PKR 16 billion money laundering case against him that he had refused to take any salary when he was the Chief Minister of Punjab province, and termed himself a “majnoo” for doing so. Shehbaz and his sons – Hamza … Read more

China Panics over Tanking Economy

China’s state run Global Times on Thursday strove to portray an “unprecedented national video teleconference on stabilizing the economy” with over 100,000 participants held by the State Council as the Communist government putting a firm hand on the economic tiller, but it looked more like a sign of growing panic in the regime. the Global … Read more