$9-a-tablet drug used to treat HIV patients could help reverse memory loss

Nine dollar per tablet drug used to treat HIV patients could help reverse memory loss in older age, study finds little tweak to start Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, said the drug would be moved to human trials to investigate whether it could strengthen recall The drug works by turning off a … Read more

Shanghai lockdown: Residents demand release, and some get it

BEIJING (AP) — On a balmy Sunday night, residents of an upscale Shanghai compound took to the streets to decry lockdown restrictions imposed by their community. By the following morning, they were free to leave. The triumphant story quickly spread on chat groups across the Chinese city this week, sparking one question in the minds … Read more

A UK Man’s Double Hand Transplant Is a World First

photo: sebra (Shutterstock) A man in the UK appears to be the first person tor have gotten a double-hand transplant for his particular condition, known as scleroderma. Five months after the surgery, the patient and his new limbs are reportedly doing just fine. According to BBC48-year-old Steven Gallagher developed the first signs of his sclerodermaa … Read more

Spanish LGBTQ groups wary of monkeypox stigma as Pride nears

1 of 2 In this photo provided by the Unidad de Microscopía Electrónica del ISCIII in Madrid, on Thursday May 26, 2022, an electronic microscope image shows the monkeypox virus seen by a team from the Arbovirus Laboratory and the Genomics and Bioinformatics Units of the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) in Madrid. Health authorities … Read more

Woman, 26, saves $2,000 by getting a root canal done in Turkey – along with a week’s vacation

A Georgia woman decided to travel across the world to receive a root canal after finding out the exorbitant price it would cost to receive it stateside – and saved nearly $2,000 in the process. Delia O’Malley, 26, who immigrated to Atlanta from Ireland, went to the dentist for a root canal when she was … Read more

I planned my own funeral after ignoring deadly signs – don’t make my mistake

A mom spent two weeks planning her own funeral after ignoring the signs of bowel cancer. Tasha Thor-Straten, 49, brushed off the blood in her stool as a symptom of “work or parenting stress.” But, when the blood became “too much to bare”, Tasha reluctantly went to the GP – who referred her for a … Read more

Baby formula shortage highlights racial disparities

COLUMBIA, Md. (AP) — Capri Isidoro broke down in tears in the office of a lactation consultant. The mother of two had been struggling to breastfeed her 1-month-old daughter ever since she was born, when the hospital gave the baby formula first without consulting her on her desire to breastfeed. Now, with massive safety recall … Read more

WHO: Nearly 200 cases of monkeypox in more than 20 countries

LONDON (AP) — The World Health Organization says nearly 200 cases of monkeypox have been reported in more than 20 countries not usually known to have outbreaks of the unusual disease, but described the epidemic as “containable” and proposed creating a stockpile to equitably share the limited vaccines and drugs available worldwide. During a public … Read more

Widespread disbelief over N. Korea’s tiny COVID death rate

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — According to North Korea, its fight against COVID-19 has been impressive: About 3.3 million people have been reported sick with fevers, but only 69 have died. If all are coronavirus cases, that’s a fatality rate of 0.002%, something no other country, including the world’s richest, has achieved against a disease … Read more

Italian scientists say lockdowns DO cause public to suffer ‘pandemic fatigue’ quicker

Lockdowns DID cause public to suffer ‘pandemic fatigue’ quicker: Scientists say ‘milder’ restrictions worked better Scientists examined mobile data to see how far people traveled in lockdowns They found people’s movement levels away from home crept up slightly per day But rates accelerated when people were subjected to the harshest lockdown Authors say policy makers … Read more