Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Say They’re Unsubscribing, For Now

picture: microsoft Typically, when Game Pass starts trending, it’s either because it scored a killer game or some influencers connected to a viral “joke” that ultimately does nothing other than hand a $2 trillion corporation two days of free marketing. Over the past few days, however, Microsoft’s games-on-demand program started trending for another reason: Players … Read more

Netflix axes 150 of its wokest staff and warns others to stop meddling as profits tank

Netflix’s recent axing of 150 staff targeted many of the firm’s wokest workers who are prolific social justice warriors on social media. The struggling streaming service has pulled the plug on several projects that were aimed at discussing race and LGBTQ issues, Variety reported, and axed the diverse employees working on and promoting them.  In addition … Read more

Tomb Raider, Deus Ex’s New Owners Will Release Loads Of Games

picture: eidos When the Embracer Group bought tomb Raider, god ex and a bunch of other stuff earlier this monthfans got excited that they might actually get to see a few more games out of these beloved series than the stingy Square Enix ever managed during its decade of neglect. Well, you/we might be getting … Read more

Why Did Netflix’s Subscribers and Stock Go Down so Fast?

Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings has long been the biggest evangelist for the platform, though now he’s effectively blamed user password sharing and competition for the company’s declining fortunes.Photo: Britta Pedersen/picture-alliance/dpa (AP) Netflix’s stock price fell so fast last month it made the Wile E. Coyote whistle sound effect of a bomb plummeting to earth. The … Read more

Disney Plus adds 8 million subscribers—but it’s still operating at a loss

Disney+photo: NICK AGRO/AFP via Getty Images When Disney first launched its streaming service Disney+ back in November of 2019, it did so with a long-term mindset. Streaming was, presumably, the future, and so the company was willing to burn a lot of money to catch up with more established performers in the industry—most notably Netflix, … Read more

Redbox getting swallowed by Chicken Soup For The Soul

red boxphoto: Justin Sullivan/ (Getty Images) Great news for anybody who wants to see some sun-damaged touch screens get livened up by a little good, hearty cheer: Redbox just got itself bought by Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment Inc., the company behind eight million books of inspirational sub-Reader’s Digest horseshit, and also, for some … Read more

How to Navigate Air Travel When You’re Breastfeeding

photo: yaoinlove (Shutterstock) Flying with an infant is never a low-stress process, but Netflix star Emily Calandrelli’s recent condemnation of the way Transportation Security Administration agents handled the pumping essentials in her carry-on bag this week has drawn major attention to the issues nursing mothers face while traveling. In a Twitter thread, Calandrelli, who was … Read more

Sony Promises Ton More PS5 Stock When China Lockdown Ends

picture: Sony/Kotaku We’re over a year into the PlayStation 5’s life cycle and Sony still can’t make anywhere near enough of them. Item hopes that could change soon. The company is promising to sell 18 million more PS5s in the next year if the current covid lockdown in China only lasts a couple of months. … Read more

Netflix anger at the Sussexes’ interviews with its TV rivals

Palace staff make plans to BLOCK Harry and Meghan’s Netflix cameras from Jubilee events – after insider at streaming giant said bosses were furious Prince gave interview about Queen to rival NBC despite their multi-million-dollar deal Royal aides may act as ‘minders’ if film crew follows couple around on return Netflix chiefs annoyed as Harry … Read more

Netflix Hid Subscriber Losses, Shareholders Allege in Lawsuit

Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings is one of the three heads of Netflix, along with the company, named in a lawsuit brought by investors saying the company misled them into Q1 of this Ernest S. Ruscio (Getty Images) Netflix’s big pool of investors are not happy, not happy at all. Some shareholders are so unhappy … Read more