South Africa: No need for mass monkeypox immunization – experts | World Health OrganizationNews

The African continent has not recently recorded any confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox, unlike Europe and the United States. South African disease experts have said that they did not see a need for a mass vaccination campaign against monkeypox or believe that cases would explode in the same way as COVID-19. The African continent … Read more

S Africa’s Ramaphosa: Russia sanctions hurting ‘bystander’ states | Russia-Ukraine war News

Africa, still facing lingering economic effects from the coronavirus pandemic, has been hit hard by rising food costs linked to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has said that “bystander countries” were suffering due to sanctions against Russia and called for talks as the African Union (AU) prepared a mission to … Read more

Amazing footage of the animal park big cat encounter where the HUMANS are caged

Amazing footage of the animal park big cat encounter where the HUMANS are caged: Tourist behind metal mesh on jeep films lions eating hunks of meat just centimeters away Dustin Campbell visited the Marakele Animal Sanctuary in South Africa He took part in its ‘Lion Mobile’ trip, where visitors are put in a cage on … Read more

Flight bookings for leisure and business travel top 2019 levels

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, global leisure and business flights have risen to levels not seen since 2019. That’s according to the Mastercard Economics Institute’s third annual travel report, titled “Travel 2022: Trends & Transitions,” published yesterday. After analyzing 37 global markets, the report found that cross-border travel reached pre-pandemic … Read more

South Africa in new surge of COVID from versions of omicron

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — South Africa is experiencing a surge of new COVID-19 cases driven by two omicron sub-variants, according to health experts. For about three weeks the country has seen increasing numbers of new cases and somewhat higher hospitalizations, but not increases in severe cases and deaths, said Professor Marta Nunes, a researcher at Vaccine … Read more

South Africa Urges Africa’s First COVID-19 Vaccine Plant to Keep Its Doors Open

Cape Town— South African health officials are urging COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer Aspen to keep its plant in the Eastern Cape province open. This follows a Reuters article quoting Aspen’s senior director saying they may have to shut down as there have been no orders for their rebranded COVID vaccine. A South African-owned pharmaceutical giant Aspen … Read more

Maye Musk calls out New York Times for story on Elon’s childhood

Elon Musk’s model mom is the latest to call out the New York Times on its explosive story suggesting the world’s richest man was “detached from apartheid’s atrocities” while still a young boy in South Africa. Maye Musk, 74, on Thursday replied directly to the Times’ tweet pushing its widely derived “hit piece,” which it … Read more

South Africa launches world’s biggest hydrogen-fueled truck | EnergyNews

A number of countries have pledged $8.5bn and technical assistance to help South Africa become a low-carbon economy. Mining giant Anglo American has unveiled the world’s largest hydrogen-powered truck, a monster weighing 220 tonnes, at a platinum mine in northern South Africa. Billed as the first of a fleet that will replace the firm’s diesel-powered … Read more

WHO: COVID continues to decline, except in Americas, Africa

The World Health Organization says the number of newly reported coronavirus cases and deaths continued to fall in the last week, continuing a global decline that first began in March ByAssociated Press May 4, 2022, 5:36 PM • 3 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article GENEVA — The World Health Organization said … Read more

America Is Starting to See What COVID Immunity Really Looks Like

I, as far as I can tell, have not yet been infected by the virus that causes COVID-19. Which, by official counts, makes me an oddball among Americans. Granted, I could be wrong. I’ve never had a known exposure or symptoms, but contact tracing in the United States is crummy and plenty of infections are … Read more